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Rethinking inter-hospital collaboration


Workflow management system

At the heart of ProWorX is a unique workflow management system that allows comprehensive collaboration across multiple healthcare providers. In addition to allowing access to patients’ files – including reference cases and existing diagnoses, and extensive filter and search functions – workflows, such as ranking according to priority and referrals to specific departments, are automated.

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Patient administration

Together with our Master Patient Index application, ProWorX integrates multiple patient data sources and amalgamates them to form a uniform patient record. If a patient receives treatment at several different healthcare facilities, there are multiple data sources for that one person with different identifiers. A master patient index (MPI) system assigns a unique MPI to that patient. The powerful workflow system from ProWorX allows us to offer a flexible platform that merges data from both internal and external sources.


Scheduling appointments

The intuitive graphical user interface makes it easy to schedule medical examinations for patients. The automated permissions management allows individual requests for medical examinations to either be cleared or to require approval. This means that individual workflows can be set up in ProWorX.



The combination of ProWorX with SmartReport, a high-end documentation editor developed by Smart Reporting, allows for standardised and structured reporting. It can be navigated by means of speech, a computer keyboard or a mouse. The integration of AI systems makes it even easier for health professionals to make informed decisions. The flexible use of PACS, VNA and Multimedia Viewer combines structured diagnostics and flexible access to documents for quality patient care.


Data security

ProWorX uses established standards to provide the best possible level of data protection. Encryption, secure authentication and flexible permissions management ensure that your data are always safe.

As an ISO-certified company (ISO 27001), we set great store by data security.


How you benefit

  • A single application for local and global patient pathways
  • Flexible and future-proof software architecture
  • Cutting-edge reporting system
  • A single application for all requirements
  • Cloud-ready
Piktogramm Web Ordner

WebOrder enables location and platform-independent registration for examinations and offers the highest level of data security.

Piktogramm MPI

MPI enables the integration of multiple patient sources into a uniform patient view and is used for patient identification. All patient data is stored and managed locally so that no patient-related data has to be exchanged between locations.

Piktogramm Y-Gateway

Our PROWORX DICOM Router Y-Gateway enables the distribution, retrieval, transformation and storage of DICOM data from various sources.

Piktogramm Import

DICOM studies from any source can be transferred to the PACS using PANSOMA Import.

Piktogramm X-Change

enables the automated dispatch of reports.

Piktogramm ProWorx

ProWorX takes cross-hospital collaboration to a new level.