Piktogramm X-Change

From the diagnosis to the report to the distribution

Darstellung des X-Change Produkts

Automatic creation and dispatch

X-Change allows reports to be forwarded automatically. The released findings can be used to create reports in various formats (PDF, CDA, FHIR). The final, signed documents can be sent to different archives (XDS, PACS) and other interested parties via email, fax, or as printouts.


Unique templates

When creating a PDF document based on the report, a template that was predesigned for the specific department and stored in the system can be used. In addition, e-signatures can be embedded in the document.


Secure against forgery

The PKCS12 certificate allows the PDF report to be signed in a forgery-proof way.

When a report is created on a third-party system, we receive the text in a (HL7) message, integrate this text in various templates, add any images and copies of the findings, generate various formats and share the documents as required. All of this is done without any user interaction.

Grafik des Produkts X-Change
Piktogramm Web Ordner

WebOrder enables location and platform-independent registration for examinations and offers the highest level of data security.

Piktogramm MPI

MPI enables the integration of multiple patient sources into a uniform patient view and is used for patient identification. All patient data is stored and managed locally so that no patient-related data has to be exchanged between locations.

Piktogramm Y-Gateway

Our PROWORX DICOM Router Y-Gateway enables the distribution, retrieval, transformation and storage of DICOM data from various sources.

Piktogramm Import

DICOM studies from any source can be transferred to the PACS using PANSOMA Import.

Piktogramm X-Change

enables the automated dispatch of reports.

Piktogramm ProWorx

ProWorX takes cross-hospital collaboration to a new level.